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Engineering Outreach Bureau

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - 2024

About Us

EOB is organized and run by members of Engineering Council, a student-run umbrella organization of UIUC's 13 engineering societies.

Our goal is to aid high school seniors in one of the most important decisions of their careers.

The EOB committee is composed of UIUC students representing various years of schooling and engineering disciplines.

Each fall semester, we design a fresh schedule for the upcoming program in the spring.

Upcoming Events:


March 21-23, 2024

Meet the Committee

Welcome to the Engineering Outreach Bureau team! We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to promoting engineering education and outreach. Our team is committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers and fostering a love for STEM. Get to know us below!


Liam Crandall

                                           EOB Co-Director



I am a junior in engineering physics with a minor in semiconductor engineering. I am serving as EOB Co-Director and look forward to sharing my passion for our school with prospective and admitted students. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, going to Illinois basketball games, and cooking food.

IMG_5677 - Brennen Thomas.jpg

Brennen Thomas

                                           Activities Chair



Brennen is a senior studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Carterville, IL. This is his third year on the EOB/SITE committee in Engineering Council, and he looks forward to continuing to introduce students to engineering at UIUC. In addition to Engineering Council, Brennen is involved in REACT (a chemistry outreach program on campus), tour guiding, and undergraduate research. Outside of school, Brennen enjoys listening to music, hiking, and   embroidering.

DSC08213 - Sophia Pizarro.jpeg

Sophia Pizarro

                                      Volunteer Chair


Sophia Pizarro is a senior studying Economics from the north side of Chicago upholding one of the volunteers chairs of EOB. Additionally, she is involved on campus as an Engineering Student Admissions Representative, the treasurer of the Philippine Student Association, and a general member of The Fashion Network. When she’s not too busy, Sophia enjoys playing Animal Crossing or going on excursions to Downtown Champaign.

Image from iOS (43) - Rene Mohammadi.jpg

Rene Mohammadi

                                          Shadow-an-Engineer Coordinator

Hi guys! My name is Rene and I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus in health engineering. I'm super excited to be Shadow-an-Engineer Coordinator this year! In my free time, I enjoy cooking, hanging out with my friends, and playing music! 


Kaitlyn Regnier

                                     Activities Coordinator/EFC



Hi, I'm Kaitlyn! I'm a Freshman Studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I hold an Activities Coordinator position on EOB and serve on the Engineering Freshman Council. I love EC because of its sense of community and the mentorship you receive from other engineering students. In my free time, I enjoy working out at the ARC, shopping at Market Place Plaza, and grabbing coffee with my friends!

IMG_7429 - Emily Chen.jpg

Emily Chen

                                           Reservations Chair

Hey everyone! I'm Emily and I'm super excited to be serving as the Reservations Chair for this year! I'm currently a junior in Computer Engineering and am involved with PhysicsVan and undergraduate research. In my free time, I enjoy watching TV shows, playing badminton, and running.

410052488_293168080370861_7651071167006672484_n (1) - Jennifer Grenier.jpg

Jennifer Grenier

                                           Publicity/Merch Chair

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm EOB publicity chair! I'm a senior studying mechanical engineering and outside of engineering council I am also involved in SHPE, Society for Hispanic Professionals in Engineering, and Baja. In my free time I love to travel, play guitar, make art, and hang out with friends!

ece photo - Annabelle Epplin.JPG

Annabelle Epplin

                                           Banquet Chair

Hi, I’m Annabelle! I am currently in my last semester studying Electrical Engineering. My hobbies outside of engineering include traveling, hiking, and attending Illini sporting events. Looking forward to a great semester!

5F6BBC0D-7C65-43A5-B577-2B137641FA70 - Elizabeth Farah.jpeg

Elizabeth Farah

                                           EOB Co-Director



Hi! My name is Elizabeth Farah and I’m a junior in Industrial Engineering. I’m Co-EOB Director this year. I’m involved with Society of Women Engineers and Club Lacrosse. I’m very excited to connect with students interested in engineering this year!

DSC_0021 - Krishna Rao.JPG

Krishna Rao

                                          Publicity/Merch Chair




Hi everyone! I'm Krishna and I'm a junior in Chemical Engineering. On campus, I am involved with the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, Adventure Club, and of course EOB :). Some of my personal hobbies are cooking, working out, playing with my dog, and watching movies.

horizontal union 2 - Charlie Ranquist.jpg

Charlie Ranquist

                                          Webinar Coordinator



Hi! I'm Charlie, a Senior from Chicago and I am the Webinar Coordinator here in EOB. Outside of Engineering Council I'm involved within my major's professional organization ASCE and I co-run the Engineering Tour Guide program. I am always happy to answer any questions especially relating to the curriculum and study abroad, as I am doing a dual degree with Political Science and studied abroad in Vienna and Singapore.

IMG_0283 - Grant Cho.jpeg

Grant Cho


Hi, I'm Grant!  I am a senior in Aerospace Engineering and absolutely love planes!  I have served as the Director of EOB in the past and am looking forward to helping out with our events this year!


Kathure Kiunga


Hi! My name is Kathure, and I am a Freshman studying Electrical Engineering. On campus, I am involved in the National Society of Black Engineers, Illinois Semiconductor Student Initiative, Woman's Rugby, and Engineering Freshman Council. During my free time I enjoy cooking, watching movies, and hanging out with friends!

IMG_4911 - Cathy Li.jpeg

Cathy Li

                                           Banquet Chair

Hi! I’m Cathy, a senior in Chemical Engineering from Champaign! I serve as the banquet co-chair and additionally am involved in Alpha Omega Epsilon (engineering sorority), tour guiding on campus, and research. Outside of school, I like to play volleyball, climb, and hike! Looking forward to introducing students to engineering!

Headshot - Adara Adhikari.jpeg

Adara Adhikari

                                         Volunteers Chair / SAE Coordinator

Hi! I'm Adara, and I'm a sophomore studying Civil Engineering! I'm one of the coordinators for Volunteers and Shadow-an-Engineer. I love EOB because of the great people and the rewarding events that our committee puts together. When I'm free, I like to participate in Latte Wednesday, wander around campus, and immerse myself in music.

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